Our residential networks continued to outpace national comparison groups in clinical outcomes with data validated by Harvard and McLean Hospital.

Odyssey Residential Outcomes

Recognized as national clinical leaders, Odyssey is built on a family of brands with extensive histories of clinical excellence. When compared to over 74,730 cases across comparable facilities nationwide, Odyssey’s family of residential treatment facilities consistently outpaced the industry.

Treating complex psychiatric disorders, eating disorders, dual diagnosis, and co-occurring conditions, Odyssey’s treatment facilities use whole person approaches to care. Focusing on the physical, mental, social, spiritual, and vocational needs of each individual to empower and help unlock underlying thoughts, feelings, and emotions so clinicians can provide personalized treatment plans that help them take the next step in their recovery.

Our client-centered care model’s goal is to help each client successfully transition back to their home, work, and family life with newly found self-esteem, direction, and balance. We work in partnership with each client’s local clinical support in building the sustained recovery and the overall reduction in symptom severity needed for successful transition into a lower level of care.

Overall Reduction in Symptom Severity

Clients outpaced the national average in overall improvement and symptom reduction.

“Odyssey’s residential treatment programs are consistently recognized for their clinical excellence and industry-leading performance with nearly 200 years of combined experience caring for clients struggling with a mental health or eating disorder. I’m extremely proud of the outcomes they achieved and the care they provided to our clients on their roads towards lasting recovery.”

– Richard Clark, CEO

About Our Assessment Approach

Our networks use BASIS-24, a leading behavioral assessment tool developed by Harvard and McLean Hospital, to identify a wide range of symptoms and problems that occur across the diagnostic spectrum using a 5-point Likert scale. The 24 questions are scored using a weighted average algorithm that gives an overall score and scores for six subscales for the following domains of psychiatric and substance abuse symptoms and functioning: depression and functioning, relationships, self-harm, emotional lability, psychosis, and substance abuse.

Across 2020, we had 989 active clients participate in programming at Lifeskills, Pasadena Villa, Magnolia Creek, Selah House, and Toledo Center, with 556 clients completing the BASIS-24 assessment. The questionnaire was administered at admission, mid-treatment every 30 days, and again at discharge.

Reduction in Depressive Symptoms

Clients experienced a 54% average reduction in depressive symptoms and an increase in functioning (daily/role functioning and depression and anxiety symptoms).

Reduction in Self-Harm

Clients saw a 72% average reduction in thoughts about hurting themselves and/or ending their lives.

Reduction in Emotional Lability

Clients reported a 58% average reduction in mood swings, racing thoughts, and feeling short tempered at discharge.

Reduction in Psychosis

Clients experienced a 73% average reduction of psychosis symptoms (hallucinations, paranoia, detachment, and disorganized thinking).

Reduction in Substance Abuse

Clients experienced a 67% average reduction in urges to drink, abuse substances, and problems with drugs or alcohol.
*Included facilities: Lifeskills South Florida, Pasadena Villa, Magnolia Creek, Selah House, and Toledo Center. Clearview Treatment Programs and Shoreline Center for Eating Disorders were acquired in 2020 which did not allow for inclusion in Basis-24 data.

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Our Residential Treatment Networks

Odyssey Psychiatric Network-01

Specializing in complex psychiatric, dual diagnosis, and common co-occurring condition treatment for adults, the Odyssey Psychiatric Network is comprised of nationally recognized centers of clinical excellence in California, Florida, and Tennessee. Comprehensive treatment for severe and persistent mental illness helps clients maximize social functioning in the real world with highly credentialed clinicians dedicated to providing care with outcomes that surpass the industry.

Odyssey Eating Disorder Network-01

Outpacing the industry in clinical outcomes, the Odyssey Eating Disorder Network treats clients of all genders (adolescents and adults) as young as 12 with specialized programming provides by highly credentialed clinicians. With residential treatment centers in Alabama, California, Indiana, and Ohio, clinically excellent care is provided to hundreds of clients annually that helps them progress in their journeys towards lasting recovery.


What Alumni and Families are Saying

We are proud to be able to help our clients progress in their journeys towards lasting recovery.