One Call, Many Solutions

Across our eating disorder network, we meet clients where they are in their recovery and provide the necessary therapeutic techniques to empower sustainable freedom. Our expert clinical teams help clients understand recovery is possible by using individualized treatment plans comprised of a combination of evidence-based treatment modalities.

Our goal is to make each client feel safe and close to home by conducting all levels of treatment in comfortable and home-like settings designed to offer a clear step-down process, so clients feel continually supported in their recovery journey.

Residential Treatment-8

5 Residential Treatment Centers

Our diverse eating disorder network of services helps connect you to the facility that best aligns your clinical and financial needs.
    • Our Admission Team partners with our clients and families to ensure the most accommodating placement of services.
    • The Clinical and Medical Team provides 24/7 board-certified care to ensure the health and safety of our clients.
    • Our Utilization Review and Financial Team works diligently to ensure that finances are clearly communicated in a concise and considerate manner aligning with the client and family.

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Our Facilities

18 & over
Aster Springs
12790 Kain Road,
Glen Allen, VA 23059
12 & over

Magnolia Creek

645 Crenshaw Road, Columbiana, AL 35051
12 & over
Selah House
1106 Meridian St #300, Anderson, IN 46016
13 & over
191 Argonne Avenue, Ste. 3
Long Beach, CA 90803
12 & over
Toledo Center
5465 Main Street, Sylvania, OH 43560

Outperforming the Industry

When compared to over 74,730 cases across comparable facilities nationwide, the Odyssey Eating Disorder Network consistently outpaced the industry and helped hundreds of clients progress in their recovery journeys.

Superior Coordination of Care Across the Network

Our dedicated team of professionals offers compassionate guidance to clients and their loved ones seeking care. We take pride in providing quality, customer-driven care, while also walking alongside our clients and families in their journey to freedom. Across our eating disorder network, our professional, expert team is committed to helping clients recover from, not just manage, their eating disorder.

Our exceptional team of clinicians treats disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Compulsive Exercise, and Avoidant / Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. Some locations are capable of treating Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse disorders.

Levels of Care

  • Inpatient
  • Residential
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Transitional Housing

We Are In-Network With Many Insurance Plans*

Our eating disorder network is continuing to expand our provider relations to better serve our clients and families. We will contact your insurance company on your behalf to explore what benefits are available to you. Prior to admission, you will have a clear picture and a financial plan that works for you, so there will be no surprises. We are dedicated to helping you understand your benefits and the cost of care.

*Please contact admissions for facility-specific insurance information, payment information, and verification of benefits.


Former Magnolia Creek Client
“Magnolia Creek has saved my life. It is an incredible facility that brings care to the client as a whole. You are NOT just a number here and it is THE BEST care I have ever received in my life, and I’ve been in a lot of treatment. I would suggest Magnolia Creek to anyone who is struggling with an ED or any other mental health issues!”
Former Selah House Client
“Everything and everyone at Selah house is there for you. You have an army of people who are qualified to give you the help and support you need. It changed my life.”
Parent of Former Toledo Center Client
“We are so appreciative of this place. We can honestly say that without them, we likely would have lost our child. She went from an unrecognizable shell of a person back to herself. It took time and hard work and difficult days but she was able to do it with the help of TCED. We got our daughter back.”
Former Shoreline Client
"What separates Shoreline from other ED centers is how phenomenal the therapists are. They care deeply about everybody and really know us. They keep in mind all aspects of a person and they know the ED is just part of the bigger picture. We talk not just about the past, but also about our inner adult. They help us see our recovery months and years down the road."
Former Magnolia Creek Client
“Before entering Magnolia Creek, I felt like there wasn’t much future or hope for my life. Magnolia Creek taught and gave me tools so I can function and get my life back…They believed in me, and I learned to believe in myself.”
Former Selah House Client
“Selah House saved and changed my life. I’ve never been met with more compassion, love, and a desire from staff to help me get well. I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking into treatment.”
Former Toledo Center Client
“It is difficult to fully explain the tremendous impact that Toledo Center has had on my life. When I entered the clinic I was angry, afraid and hopeless. I could hardly imagine a life without an eating disorder, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to. But the staff at the clinic both supported and challenged me in ways that taught me that there is so much more to life than having an eating disorder. I am so grateful for the incredible and caring staff at the clinic and for my time there.”
Former Shoreline Client
“Shoreline is an amazing place to receive treatment for an eating disorder. All the therapists and dieticians are so kind and caring. I really felt taken care of - they allowed a safe space for me to heal.”